1.Retirar adhesives gently holding the skin around ostoma with the other hand.

2. Scrubbed with a soft sponge and neutral detergent, never with gauze or cotton.

3. Dry it well with clean towels, with soft touches with the fingers, without squeezing.

4. Cutting diameter (circumference) of the adhesive in the case of bags Cut, precisely to the extent and in the form of ostoma. It is customary at the beginning, which is larger and as it healed, the size is reduced.

5. Place either party, without folds. Back to top



It is very important that the skin around the ostoma (skin periostomal) remains healthy and without irritation, you must have the same look as the rest of the abdomen.
To prevent irritation or other skin problems, it is important to the choice of an ostomy device which fits the film size and shape of ostoma and protecting it properly.
Each time you change the bag to be fixed in the state of the skin. If you notice redness or swelling, you may have irritated skin. In this case should contact the medical professional.
You should never use creams or ointments that are not specific to ostomies, as they always have grease or oil and they keep the bag adheres perfectly. Back to top

Ostomy Care



This point is especially important because if you use an appropriate device and makes a good daily hygiene, keep your skin in perfect condition.
It is desirable to wash with a mild soap to prevent skin drying. With an ostomy, you can swim or shower just like before the operation, water and soap will not damage your ostoma.
You can shower with the pouch and then change it and washing all ostoma skin periostomal, or you can choose a shower without it, what you most comfortable.
In any case, it is important to rinse with water to avoid any traces of soap that could prevent the bag adheres perfectly to the skin.
After washing or drying is necessary periostomal skin without irritating, so it is best to do better with cellulose (used for kitchen towels and toilet paper) and little touches throughout the area, it is not appropriate and should never be used to rub hot or cold air directly into the area, this dries the skin and as a consequence it is easier to be irritated.
If you have hair in the area, cut with scissors, never shaving or using depilatory because of some sort could also irritate the skin.
And finally, one should not use colognes, lotions or alcohol for the same reason, your skin will be easier resecaría and then irritated.

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After an operation, many people think they need to carry the bag will be felt through clothing. Nothing could be further from reality, our bags are so thin and flexible, they adapt perfectly to the contours of the body and are absolutely discreet under clothing.

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Once you have recovered from the intervention, you can resume the kind of life they had before, but you should always consult your physician before starting activities and he will tell you all the details.
When your doctor told you are recovered, can return to work, traveling, going on holiday anywhere, your bag does not preclude making any of these activities with total freedom.

There are a number of "tricks" that can facilitate the development of these activities:

Always carry at least one bag to change if necessary. In the case of a trip carrying a few bags, hand luggage, regardless if it is a journey by plane, take them in hand luggage.

Do not let ostomy devices inside a car where it is very hot.

When will be some time away from their habitual residence should previously contact our ODS (ostomized Care Service), to inform our sales in the country.

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All this in the space above can be applied to the exercise and sport.
Your doctor should tell you where you can begin to practice them, but their ostomy should not be a limitation.
The only exception in the exercise are usually the very sharp contact sports or weightlifting.
However you can practice swimming, water skiing or snow, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, jogging, etc.. Of course, all types of aerobic dance and dance, etc..

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Due to an ostomy operation is a procedure that alters the body image, many people are concerned about issues related to their intimate life and the acceptance that this picture will change their partner. This concern is even greater if the person with a ostoma no partner, and obviously want to get out and interact with other people.

It is important to communicate to the other that sex will not harm him and ask him to express his feelings openly.

You should note that the ostomy affects both sides of a relationship and therefore the adjustment period is necessary for both. The main thing is to learn to communicate openly about the subject.

Remember that for those intimate moments are perfectly indicated mini bags, with the possibility that they are also opaque, making them even more discreet.

Another issue that may concern is the possibility of having children, after recovery of the intervention is no problem for it, both for men and women.

Many women have done a pregnancy after practicing an ostomy, in any event should always consult a doctor about this possibility.

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Concern to many people. For that our ostomy bags are made from a film resistant to odors, so the odor of feces is contained inside of the bag.
Certain foods and medicines can cause the stools have a stronger smell.

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 The intestinal gases are due sometimes to the intake air. Si consume bebidas carbónicas, fuma, mastica chicle o mastica con la boca abierta, puede aumentar el volumen de aire ingerido y, por lo tanto, aumentar la cantidad de gases. If you consume carbonated drinks, smoke, chew gum or chew with your mouth open, you can increase the volume of air ingested and therefore increase the amount of gases.
Other times may be caused by certain foods, in this case the problem will be avoided.

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Carrying an ostomy does not mean having to follow a special diet. In fact, many people with intestinal diseases should follow special diets due to their illness and in most cases, ostomy allows the person to return to a normal diet.
Immediately after surgery, your doctor may prescribe a specific diet, but after the recovery period, you can eat everything.
What you should know is that there are certain foods that can cause odors or gases. In this case you can moderate their consumption and thus avoid this problem.


Foods that can increase the smell of feces:
-Brussels sprouts

Food and beverages can increase gas:

If you have an ileostomy, your body needs more fluids than before the operción. Para no deshidratarse, debe beber a diario cantidades abundantes de agua, jugos u otros líquidos. To avoid dehydration, you should drink daily plentiful water, juices or other liquids. If you have heart problems or kidney problems, consult your doctor before increasing intake.
You may also need to moderate consumption of foods high in fiber.
Sometimes these foods can cause blockages in the small intestine and inhibit the output of feces by ostoma.

Foods that can increase the smell of feces:

-Brussels sprouts


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