DERMACOR SRL is a firm of international quality, manufacturing and marketing of Ileostomy and colostomy bags, designed to develop and improve systems available.

Points to the optimization of resources, material and quality of service, ensuring appropriate and cost of product excellence.
This enables the institutions and social work, continue with this essential benefit to patients and / or affiliates ostomates while reducing the costs borne by users.

Manufacturing as well as quality controls for all our products are under Reference No. ISO 8670-1 / 8670-2 / 8670-3

Our manufacturing plant is approved by the existing rules and regulated by the competent authorities to the item, including the National Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT), as well as Ministry of Public Health.

Most of the plant are made in semi-automatic machine heat and radio frequency and are supervised by a Technical Director, this approves the finished product and all its components so that the product reaches your hands is of the highest quality.



Ostomy Care